Art deco suffragette coloured glass bead earrings


Drop earrings with vintage beads. New drop earrings made from genuine vintage beads and components .

These earrings consist of a trio of vintage art deco sparkly glass and crystal facetted beads in the colours of the Suffragette movement.

The Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) adopted the colour scheme of purple, white and green: purple symbolised dignity, white purity, and green hope. 
These three colours were used for banners, flags, rosettes and badges, and appeared in newspaper cartoons and postcards.
  It is a popular myth that the colours green, white, and violet,  spell GWV as an acronym for "Give Women Votes"

 They are fitted with new silver coloured brass ear wires.

They measure 3.8 cm in length from the loop on the ear wire.

The main bead measures 1.2 cm in diameter.